Friday, March 26, 2010

The lack of a Stasis point…

A bane in the political process has been, and continues to be the lack of a stasis point. From the abortion debate’s lack of stasis with one side claiming to be ‘pro-life’ while the other side claims to be ‘pro-choice,’ the argument can never be resolved; the opposing side will not take up the banner of being anti-life or anti-choice. In much the same way, with health care and one is either for it, or has a problem with sick people; one is for immigration, or is racist; one is for social justice or hates poor people; is for eco justice or hates the planet, and so on. The terms are not clearly defined on both sides, so it is impossible to actually have a stasis point - it is impossible to argue terms without definitions. The very nature of this lacking a stasis point sets up a false dichotomy, based on vague implications. What makes it all the more unfortunate today, is the scale of what is going on, and that those in power have learned to use the lack of a stasis point for manipulative purposes.

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