Sunday, June 27, 2010

A quick lesson for Obama

"A strong and durable recovery also requires countries not having an undue advantage..." Obama

Let us humor ourselves that at this one given moment, that every individual, or for Obama's idea, every nation has attained equality. In this humorous example, equality is with respect to material wealth. Now, with all having the same amount... what now? There is no government policy which can make the Earth move resources to all areas equally; there is no governmental policy which ensures Nature treats each the same; there is no governmental policy which can make those who act foolishly to perform at the level of those who act with ingenuity. What the government can do is stifle those with ingenuity to act at a level of fools. This is for individuals or nations. From this humorous example where 'equality' was actually attained, we can see that the only way to ensure it is maintained is by making sure those who can excel, do not and we all remain at the level of our lowest.

Obama, you are way out of your element from what your position was created.

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