Friday, October 21, 2011

Book edit

I found a couple editing errors. I already updated my publisher, and those errors have been corrected (anything ordered after 10/21 should be updated). Most are minor errors, but one big change was moving Parable of For your own Good from 183 to page 133, while being replaced on 183 with:

Parable of the Protection Room
A couple of parents wanted to shield
their child, from birth, from all the dangers
that may befall him. In order to
ensure full protection, they built a special
room. They went about and padded the
floor, the walls and all objects within the
room. Toys were all safe. Any friends who
were allowed to visit had to play, and
overall behave in certain ways approved
by the parents. The room was the only
world the child knew as it grew; the par-
ents treated the child the same as he developed,
and they educated.
Eventually, the child became old
enough to want to venture out, and the
parents realizing they had taught the
youth what they thought was appropriate,
let him go out into the world.
However, once the youth stepped outside
of the room, he was quickly overwhelmed;
the sun was so bright - he never
seen it before; there was so much variety
in sound, he was deafened by all the noise
and couldn’t concentrate. Perplexed, he
sought some help; a couple helped him,
but another robbed him. Lost and confused,
he eventually succumbed to sickness
for his body was weak from not
developing, matching his ignorance that
brought him to harm.

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