Sunday, September 2, 2012

Newly available

I have completed the formatting and now have two books available.  Both can be seen at my author's page

A Social Carol:  

As in A Christmas Carol with Scrooge's transformation, Evan Sanders is to be visited by three spirits to alter his original and narrow worldview. In a society where businesses and the State have combined, Evan is protesting the collusion. However, when he begins to get what he wanted, he finds out that it wasn't what he wanted after all.

The Gospel of Reason:

As Jesus walked amongst men to advance the Gospel Truth, so does Arenos to advance an objective & secular standard of the Good. Through numerous interactions, Arenos meets individuals & experiences situations testing existing systems of thought & beliefs. From examining sacred political & religious Goods, The Gospel of Reason looks at how some of those Goods are proper,& how some are not, & why.

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