Monday, October 8, 2012

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Liberty lost, can be found again

America has been departing from its principles for some time, a trend that has escalated of late: more than $16 trillion in debt, the devaluation of the dollar, wars declared outside of the constitution, government expansion into more areas of the economy and attempts to take over healthcare. Even further into an Orwellian sphere is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), whereby the president may indefinitely detain American citizens without due process, and the TSA's attempts to go beyond the airports as they violate our rights as well.

To counter this disturbing trend, I offer new works embracing liberty, responsibility and the proper place of the State in the life of the individual.

A Social Carol is a modern-day twist on a literary classic. Angry with the system, young and idealistic Evan Sanders engages in a protest that turns violent--resulting in the death of his friend. Resolving to affect social justice on the corrupt capitalists, Sanders seeks the elimination of money to level the playing field for those less fortunate. Eventually arrested for his offenses, the young idealist is visited by the spirit of his deceased friend, warning him to change his collectivist course. To aid in that effort, the spirit advises Sanders that he will be visited by three spirits, sent to show him the inevitable conclusions of his misguided economic desires.

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The Gospel of Reason shows a world whereby the State has been hopelessly intertwined with religion, expecting to be obeyed without question. All aspects of life are directed by the ruling class: economic behavior, individual preference, learning and inquiry, among other aspects of life. Arenos travels among the people, instructing them with the aid of more than 60 parables of a way to better fulfill their lives. These unique lessons span a range of issues, including: economics, personal responsibility, critical thinking, morality, emerging tyranny and the dangers of dogma.

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In short-story form, The Justified Trilogy disputes many notions of moral relativism that have become prevalent in today's society. I refer to these short-stories as 'philosophy in action' as each deal with a threat to good people and how they respond when attacked:

Necessary Means: Former special forces soldier Daemon Justice witnesses the kidnapping of his wife Dominique and their young daughter Danielle. When ransom demands are received, Justice will do whatever it takes to get his family back safely, by any means necessary.


Opposing Force: Dominique and Danielle find themselves in the center of a convenience store robbery by a gang of thugs. Fearing for her and her daughter's safety, Dominique refuses to comply with the criminals' demands. The young mother is soon faced with a grim choice to either keep her family safe or risk the death of another hostage being used as a human shield.


Preemptive Strike: The entire Justice family is set upon in their home by an assault team from a foreign nation. The mercenaries are dismissed as rogue elements by prevaricating politicians; Daemon must take it upon himself to discover and eliminate the source of the aggression. As Daemon leaves the country to eliminate the threat, a second attempt is made on his family's lives. When Daemon returns to tend to his family, he finds his freedom at risk for the sake of political expedience by self-serving bureaucrats. He must defend himself from the State that failed to defend him.


Finally, separate from The Justice Trilogy, Warning is the story of a developer in the midst of creating a technology that will revolutionize the world. He is thrust in a fight for his very survival by one who claims his creation will be used to bring about humanity's destruction.


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