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Proof of the New Highest God

In an archeological find that is sure to shake numerous religions to their cores, an expedition to the highest mountains, within the deepest caves of those mountains in the land of Iltamasastan, humanity has uncovered an unequivocal historic find.  There has recently been found a new Holy Book which will finalize any debate regarding the True Nature of God.  The first written excerpts date back many thousands of years ago.  Found deep within caverns that haven't been opened centuries BCE; it is a fascinating discovery.  This book speaks the Truth about the Creator, as well as made predictions that have come to pass. 

Written in a lost language, with not an individual whole copy, it has taken time to piece the book together and from that, we now have proof of God and Her nature, including how She created the universe.  Not only do we have Creation explained, but how a True moral system is to be implemented.  This morality as decreed by She not only shows how best to live on Earth, but how Paradise can be achieved.  However, just stating that this has been proven does not mean anything.  We shall look at the evidence and let it prove itself to us of the Truth.

Let us start out by reviewing God speaking about Herself as the Originator, as it is written in the book of Adamina Chapter 1 Verse 10: Behold, all that you see and yet do not see, that you have seen and will ever see, all this and more has come from Me; I birthed it for you.  You, who were in my bosom before you were born, I had loved.  I knew you needed a place to live and grow, so all of Creation is for you.  Take my gift and live well, but remember it is of Me, and from Me, as are you.

Not only did She announce Her prepotency in Creation, showing Her first Great Miracle, but She showed other miracles for us.  The next in Her Great Miracles comes in the regeneration of Life.  As it is stated in the book of Hortense Chapter 5 Verse 27: Behold, where you see death, you also see life; where you see life, you also see death.  Where you see the carcass, do you not also see that which feeds on carrion?-the insects and small creatures and the plants that devour the dead, then themselves are later eaten, and those eaters eaten, and those eaters eaten and so on?  Where you see life, regardless of how robust and healthy it may be, do you not see a life which will end by ending and a body decaying until it is to be returned to be reborn again?

She advised how to properly relate to your fellow man, as She made clear in the book Alma, Chapter 22 Verses 10-15: To those you know and love, treat them as such – love unshown is the same as food uneaten to a starving body.  To those you do not know, accord them the respect deserving of a stranger, with the same vision as seeing yourself through their eyes and how you’d want them to treat you; however, that unwritten description remains blank only briefly and for better or worse, descriptions will be made.  Be careful on how you act.  A mark on a smooth stone stands out and the only way to not let that mark be the only impression is to have others made, but one bad mark may keep further ones from being made.  Individuals are to treat individuals as such; cultures are to treat cultures as such.  To those who are hostile toward you, you must also act accordingly.  If their hostility is that of a buzzing gnat, they can be dismissed the same; if their hostility is that of a hyena trying to devour your lion cubs, then meet them as that lion who defends her cubs.  It is best for people to get along, interact and trade to the benefit of each party; however, not all have noble hearts and if they are set to your destruction and are acting on it, before they are able to devour you and yours, you must defend you and yours.

Sexual relations are reviewed by She in the book of Zalika Chapter 18 Verses 5-8: You were born to blend your body and mind into soul, for I gave you both; to be your highest self, it is through this achievement.  You have the ability to focus on one at the cost of the other - to be focusing on the physical for mindless stimulation, or to be only mind focused and lose touch with reality - but in either way is to live short of the grandeur I made you capable of.  This highest is not related to procreation only, for one may love without creating progeny and one may create progeny without love; whether one is of the same gender or different, there is no difference for either way the highest can be achieved.  The only thing forbidden is the procreation of same-pair coupling; however, this does not take away from the actualization of spirit potential for those in the coupling.  These are my offerings and my limitations.  Go forth, find your highest and share in body and mind.

She reveals the great mysteries of Life in Masego Chapter 1 Verses 1-2: You who seek to know Truth without Me! Do you think you can learn it on your own? How can you learn of Life and Existence without Me?-where will you look? Every direction your eyes look, you will see Me; every direction that your ears hear sounds, you will hear Me; everything you feel, you will feel Me; every scent and every taste as well, you will know My presence in Life!  If you seek to discount Me, then like the chick still within the egg, you will not see anything beyond your shell; your world will be limited to your confines, though you will know them well.

Like anything or one of Perfection, there are those who hate Her for it.  They despise Her Glory and their own smallness.  She, too, has enemies who want to pull us down to their flawed level.  As stated in one of the later books, the book of Ramona Chapter 6 Verses 16-18: The Jealous one has his minions and his preferred servants.  You will know them by the acts they do – all of which are attempts to silence She who birthed you, to remove your ear from her words, to benight you and leave you in darkness – as it was written, leave you unborn, with your world the extent of your unhatched shell, and you calling it the universe.  The Jealous One will try to trick you by demanding sacrifice to prove love, and will call for you to prove your love by offering your blood, but he will ultimately spare the males while letting the females feel the blade or the fire; he will reward those who will punish the feminine while rewarding the masculine.  He hates Her flawlessness and lets his rage rail against those who resemble She.  With the prophets of the Jealous one, you will see them live and die in ways that try to take you away from Her, to try and take that which is Hers and make it so you do not associate them with Her.  The glorious mountain overlooks the Earth while standing above it, the proud tree that touches the Earth and the Skies, and even the arms of a girl child from a forced marriage will be associated with death.  The Jealous One prefers death worship over Life.  Unable to birth Life, acts of prestidigitation will be offered as miracles when the Jealous One is merely using what She birthed.  The Jealous one will try to convince you that this life that was birthed to you is but a secondary concern to life after death.  How can you achieve Life after the death of what was birthed to you?  Do not be deceived!  The Jealous One is vain and will do what he can to convince you to his death worship, but you will not be able to enjoy Life!

She predicted the decrease in Her influence because of the increase of people falling for the Jealous one; She also predicted the turn away from the Jealous One and His deceiving and dividing ways.  We are approaching that time.  We can see the effects now.  To continue to fulfill the prophesy as written by the sacred Jaleesa in her book Jaleesa 9:99: The abuses you suffer by the Jealous One shall become too great - come to a point where the promises he made shall be properly brought into question.  When you question him, he shall give no answer that satisfies; he will speak vagaries and call them divine; he will obfuscate, but say the blame lies in you for not understanding.  Throw off his shackles!  He tricked you away from She, but you can shirk those chains yourselves.  When you come to realize he is powerless, you will see all the threats he made was because you believed them even though they were no threats he could follow through. 

Just as there were miracles that were for all of humanity, there were miracles that were to help specific individuals.  For example, in the book of Esperance, Padriac became ill and then died; it was She who helped Her people raise Padriac back from the dead.  Similarly, in the book of Terena, when the earth was parched as The Jealous One had brought drought, it was She who brought back the rains and bountiful harvests. 

We need not to just take Her word for it – that is not the way to objectively verify anything.  We already have secondary sources that can corroborate Her story.  We need to look no further than from Kaapo’s history; written centuries BCE, he recounts through oral legend of those who were there first-hand to see the miraculous resurrection of Padriac centuries beforehand.  Quillian reviewed the text and compared the taxonomy within its pages and found that it matches the plant and animal life of the area and the time.  Not only that, but scholars of the area attested to the veracity of claims within the Book.  Heralded for his attention to detail in reviewing the data, Agosta summarized in his Historie de Iltamasastan: When we review the text, and compare it to our observations in nature, we see that the script is correct.  We know we need the light of the Sun to see, and where the light of the Sun is not, we see not; can we see in the deep caves unless we have a Sun by proxy in a small fire? – even then, we see not far into that darkness, but only that which is around us and our fire.  So it is for us, as it was written by She: our entire Universe is that which is trapped inside a great egg, and our entire reality is that which is within the egg waiting for it to crack and our potential to come from that birth.

So, there we have it: proof in the script and verification outside of that script of the New Highest God… rather returning to The Original Goddess.  Within the text we can see proof of Her greatness as well as Her predictions of the coming patriarchal religions, and male-dominated societies.  Not only did She state our place in the Universe in the dark of a great egg, but She also specifically predicted the rise of the Abrahamic-based religions in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The examples of Abraham, Lott and others were predicted by She. 

Now there will be some of you who are skeptical of the new God, or return to the Original Goddess.  That is to be expected, as the Jealous One She talks about has deceived you into following Him and forgetting Her. However, when we read Her words, see how accurate they are and just experience Her presence, how can any still feel allegiance toward the False and Jealous One? 

For those who continue to be skeptical... very good.  This was all made up for this piece.  In creating this, I did use some general archetypal symbolism, history of religion and mythology along with items that are (or should be) part of any general education.  The appropriate question to follow up that statement is: why?  Why would anyone be skeptical about the Goddess presented here?  Just because I wrote something stating that it was divinely inspired and the Word of God[dess], why should anyone take it seriously?

My answer to that: outside metaphor, why should anyone take any base for religion seriously?  There are truths within it expressed as metaphor, but to be taken literally, one would be considered quite mad to believe it.  To elaborate, why do we not approach each 'holy' book with the same level of skepticism?  They each have nuggets that are beautiful metaphor, but if taken literally or following their laws and admonitions, have abominable and evil actions done in the name of Good because God said so. 

No one has a problem dismissing what I've written here about the Universe being contained in an egg and that is why we see so much darkness.  Similarly, there are no issues with disregarding Athena being born from Zeus' head.  However, Noah's ark, Moses' escape from Egypt with its 40-year journey, splitting the seas, various plagues, burning bushes and divinely handed-down stone tablets... that's real.  God made the sun stop in place in the sky for Joshua, and then let it continue on its path again; for Muhammad God split the moon in half and rejoined it.  Jesus' miracles are also well-known: water to wine, a couple loaves of bread and fish to feed thousands and walking on water to name a few.  Moses', Muhammad's and Jesus' miracles are 'real', but why?  In non-canonical books, there are angels whose heads are above the skies, walking crosses and bowing standards (banners) - was one of the reasons why they were not included in the canon because limits of credulity were being strained?

To believe biblical accounts as literally true regarding the creation of the Universe and Nature's laws, we will have to believe that a group of tribesmen from millennia ago, who had no real scientific understanding, were generally limited to the couple hundred miles around where they were born, that these people had a better understanding of the Universe and Nature than we do today from our collected millennia of experience and technological advances.  Even children in elementary school [should] have a better understanding of the scope of the Universe than those old tribal members ever could hope to have. 

Literally taking these old books as the basis for modern understanding of Nature and the Universe is wrong for there is no possible way that some of the claims in the books could be correct, which if inerrant would invalidate them as literally God's word; in a similar vein, using them as moral standards shows that there is no real morality outside of God saying who to hate, rape and enslave, such as Moses' admonition to kill all, but those girls who have not known a man so they can be kept by the conquerors - except those that would be offered as a sacrifice to God. 

There is equally an objective reality for the Universe we inhabit, and an objective morality for us to follow.  If we followed the religious books are the ultimate source of information, then you wouldn't be reading this for there have been a long series of medical, technological and scientific advances that enables this communication to happen; they wouldn't have happened if we kept our epistemology limited to religious textual understanding.  Equally, at a moral level, genocide would be the general norm.  We are better than that and have evolved our culture [most of humanity] beyond the divinely-subjective morality and realistically impossible views on existence.  Let us finish casting off the inappropriate lens through which modern religions are seen of true in actuality and see them through the lens of true in metaphor, and then place the remaining religions with myths of the past.

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