Saturday, December 27, 2014

Scientific Proof Of God - A Brief Review

God would be quite vainglorious if we followed the perception of Him by His followers. It is a perception that is not without merit for it is specifically stated that God is jealous and wants to be worshiped. But it is not God Himself who takes the credit, for the act of taking credit can be done (or assigned) by one who exists - namely followers. It is to these followers that the blame goes to in trying to assert that God exists (outside metaphor), and that God can be proven to exist.

Throughout history any given natural and celestial event was attributed to God and the supernatural, whether it was how all heavenly bodies were seen to go around the Earth in perfect circles, to eclipses being proof of angry gods. Many cultures stopped at that level of awareness; however, some did not and in Western societies, beginning with Aristotle and the Classic Greeks questioning the role of the gods, to Copernicus and Galileo we can see that much of what was seen as the work of God was nothing more than nature being what it is. Nature and existence have the essence of things being what they are: A = A.  Among that: orbits are not in perfect spheres, we are not the center of the Galaxy or even our solar system, the tides and countless other phenomena.

That what was originally seen as divine was later seen as purely natural does not detract those who believe from their sacred theory of a divine hand.  Even Nature is proof of God, and all the laws of Nature are those that God decreed - for those who think science can point to God instead of seeing the two as dichotomous (again, outside metaphor) as a Creator God and Nature are.  Just as in times of old, natural phenomena were proof of God, in times of new with scientific advancement exploring Nature, newer, more intricate details are offered as proof of God; as well as statistical models are used to justify Intelligent Design.  

The essence of their points is: everything in existence is too fine-tuned to not be directed by someone/something outside of it.

However, even using their own reasoning, what we actually see are all those supposed proofs of the Creator God, more as proof that a Creator God did not create anything or does not exist.  All the nuances, all the probability models each are those that are confined to scientific laws and statistical probability.  'Only God or some super intelligence could direct everything as it is' because if it was just a minuscule degree off, nothing would have happened - no life, universe or anything else.  But that is not an answer that points to God, for if there actually was a Creator God, then what would limitations of Nature and Existence have to do with God's power?  If a stick can become a snake, a man can be made from dust, and the Universe itself can be spoken into existence from where there was nothingness (excluding God), then what does the orbit of the planet have to do with sustaining life, the elemental make-up of Earth and the solar system and such, what would any of those limitations be to one who supposedly wrote and can violate those laws at will?-e.g burning bush that is not consumed, water to wine, sun stops in the sky and stars fall from the skies… all from will.

Additionally, whether one says God (or aliens as some do) guided the formation of Life, the necessary question becomes: where did those aliens or God come from?  This question will never end, for if you say A created B, and C created A, then what was there that created C, and so on.  Aliens have the same line of questions for any physical entity, but God needs an extra point of consideration.

Summed up in a Poem Metaphysics from The Gospel of Reason

Exactly why, does he, mankind, exist?
From where did life, and order, formulate?
And, how – without a cause, nothing to list;
Did all the Universe come from that state?

Is Nature fated? – did it have to be?
No plans, no script, just forces manifest;
Not cruel, nor mean, with no affinity.
Objective rules are learned from interest.

The other choice: a primal Creator;
The being living in vacuity.
But how did He, with nothingness before;
Beget the stars, all else? – His nascency?

The answer, Nature versus God, sublime;
There is no doubt that one has been all time.

What seems more probable when we come to the great mystery: that material forces created the material universe that set up the base from which life could emerge, or that before there was anything to be born from, sustain or be part of, there was the highest living entity who created everything without having anything to create with and maintained His own life without anything in existence for his birth or maintenance?  Whether the review of the Universe is correctly done doesn’t affect the reality of what is: we can say God is angry and that is why the sun disappeared, or we can learn and know better.                                                               

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